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Our motto is KIDS FIRST... Every Student, Every Day!   Walnut Valley USD is proud to be a National Schools to Watch District with numerous National Blue Ribbon, California Gold Ribbon, and California Distinguished School awards. 
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Free money for College with CalKids

The State of California has launched the California Kids Investment and Development Savings Program (CalKIDS) with the mission of making college more accessible for millions of children in the state. Automatically, every eligible low-income public school student in grades 1-12 in California will have a CalKIDS account created in their name with an initial seed deposit ranging from $500 to $1,500. The program is administered by the ScholarShare Investment Board, a California state agency that oversees ScholarShare 529, the state’s official 529 college savings plan.


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Money provided through the CalKIDS program can be used at eligible educational institutions, including four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, technical schools or accredited institutions. CalKIDS participants and their families can also establish and contribute to individual ScholarShare 529 accounts, where they can contribute and start saving early. 


CalKIDS is the long awaited children's savings account program that offers all newborns and eligible low-income public school students in California between $25 and $1500 to start saving for college and career training. Families are encouraged to build on this investment by opening and contributing to a ScholarShare 529 account of their own and see their college savings balances all in one place. 


The program provides the following incentives:


Up to $1500 for 3.4 Million School-Age Children:


  • $500 Automatic Deposit: Eligible low-income public school students in grades 1-12.
  • $500 Additional Deposit: Eligible low-income public school students in grades 1-12 identified as foster youth.
  • $500 Additional Deposit: Eligible low-income public school students in grades 1-12 identified as homeless.

Eligibility Up to $100 for Newborn Children:

  • $25 Automatic Deposit: Every eligible child born between July 2022 and June 2023.
  • $100 for babies born on or after July 1, 2023. 
  • $25 Additional Deposit: Those who register on the program's online portal.
  • $50 Additional Deposit: Those who link a new existing ScholarShare 529 account to the CalKIDS account. 

Visit today to learn more about eligibility, registering for the program, and getting started on your savings! Checking eligibility and claiming the funding is easy. All you need is your child’s 10-digit Statewide Student Identifier (SSID), which families can find by logging into Walnut Valley Unified School District’s Parent Portal at Aeries: Portals and looking under Student Identifiers in the menu.

Please note that CalKIDS is a state program. Our School and District Offices do not have information on this program.  


How to locate your student's 10 digit SSID/Como localizar el SSID - English / Español/ Mandarin  

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透過 CalKids 免費上大學

加州啟動了加州兒童投資和發展儲蓄計劃 (CalKIDS),其使命是讓該州數百萬的兒童更容易上大學。加州每位符合資格的 1 至 12 年級公立學校低收入學生都將自動擁有一個以自己名義創建的 CalKIDS 帳戶,初次種子存款為 500 美元至 1,500 美元不等。該計劃由 ScholarShare 投資委員會管理,該委員會是加州的一個機構,負責監督 ScholarShare 529(加州的官方 529 大學儲蓄計劃)。


點這裡 了解更多資訊。


CalKIDS 計畫所提供的資金可用於符合資格的教育機構,包括四年制學院和大學、社區學院、技術學校或認可機構。 CalKIDS 參與者及其家人還可以建立個人的 ScholarShare 529 帳戶並為其捐款,以便他們可以儘早開始儲蓄。


CalKIDS 是一項期待已久的兒童儲蓄帳戶計劃,為加州所有新生兒和符合資格的低收入公立學校學生提供 25 至 1500 美元的資金,用於為大學和職業培訓開始進行儲蓄。我們鼓勵家庭在這項投資的基礎上開設自己的 ScholarShare 529 帳戶並為其捐款,並在一個網站查看他們的大學儲蓄餘額。




為 340 萬名學齡兒童提供高達 1500 美元的援助:


  • $500 自動存款:符合低收入資格的 1-12 年級公立學校學生。
  • $500 額外押金:被認定為寄養青少年並符合低收入資格的1-12 年級公立學校學生。
  • 500 美元額外押金:被認定為無家可歸並符合低收入資格的 1-12 年級公立學校學生。

新生兒可獲得最高 100 美元的資格:

  • $25 自動存款:每個於2022 年 7 月至 2023 年 6 月期間出生並符合條件的兒童。
  • 2023 年 7 月 1 日或之後出生的嬰兒為 100 美元。
  • 25 美元額外押金:在該計劃網站上註冊的人。
  • $50 額外存款:將現有 ScholarShare 529 帳戶連結到新的 CalKIDS 帳戶的人。

請今天就參閱 了解有關資格、註冊該計劃以及開始儲蓄的更多資訊!檢查資格和申請資金很容易。您所需要的只是您孩子的 10 位全州學生識別碼 (SSID),家庭可以透過登入核桃谷聯合學區的Aeries家長網站找到該識別碼 並在選單中的搜尋「學生識別碼」。

請注意,CalKIDS 是一項州計劃。我們的學校和學區辦公室將無法提供有關該計劃的資訊。


如何找到學生的 10 位 SSID/Como localizar el SSID /全州學生識別碼 -英語 /西班牙語 /中文

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