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Walnut valley Unified School District

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Our motto is KIDS FIRST... Every Student, Every Day!   Valley USD is proud to be a National Schools to Watch District with numerous National Blue Ribbon, California Gold Ribbon, and California Distinguished School awards. 

Test Practice & Study Resources

This site contains lessons and worksheets to assist students in learning or re-learning algebra. More links listed under Math

PG & E practice exam

This website will give you sample contractors licensing exam questions.

Electrical Safety 
This site has safety tips for most occupations/trades especially electrical.

PG & E practice exam

English Grammar, Writing 
Grammar, writing, etc., tests.

English Grammar/Vocabulary Practice Tests 
This site has vocabulary and grammar practice tests.

English Guide to Grammar and Style 
Notes on grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage

English Vocabulary 
Some free tests are available on this site.

First Aid 
Web MD

First Aid 
Mayo Clinic

First Aid 
Red Cross Training & Certification

First Aid - CPR 
Information to pass First Aid and CPR tests

Food Service 
California Department of Education National School Lunch Program Guidelines

Food Service - California Department of Education Safety Guide 
Food Safety regulations from the California Department of Education

Food Service - Conversion & Measurement Charts

Food Service - Food Safety is the gateway to food safety information provided by government agencies.

Food Service - HACCP 
FDA - HACCP Principles & Application Guidelines

Food Service - Measurement Conversion Tables 
Cooking measurement equivalents and conversion calculator

Food Service - Measurement Equivalents 
Cooking measurement equivalents and conversion calculator

Food Service - Standardized Recipes 
Includes conversion charts

Food Service School Nutrition 
Meal and milk programs offered at public and private nonprofit schools and residential child care institutions. California Dept. of Education

General Civil Service Tests 
Site with tips and practice questions for many civil service tests.

General Guide to Understanding Tests and Assessments 
Learn more about testing and assessments related to jobs. This handbook was developed by the federal government.

General La Mesa Spring Valley USD Info About School Jobs Video

General Multiple Choice Test Preparation 
Tips from the City and County of San Francisco on preparing for a Multiple Choice test

General Public Agency Civil Service Jobs 
Civil Service Exam Resources and Tips from various agencies.

General Standardized Tests has sample questions available for many standardized tests which are helpful for preparing for the Instructional Aide test and many other employment tests. This link will open the CA High School Exit Exam sample questions area. If you would like to preview sample test questions for other standardized tests, click on the links in the left margin of this site such as the GED Practice test, etc. Many math and reading/language practice test questions are provided in these areas. Remember to be successful in testing, you MUST practice.

General Test Guides from AT&T 
Information on taking tests-Tips.

General Tutorials/Video Instruction on Many Topics - Khan Academy 
Site with over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises on Math from Pre-Alegbra to Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Finance, etc.

Master Gardener practice test

Lawnmower operation and safety

Tree trimming safety

Grounds - Sprinkler Repair 
How to repair sprinkler videos

Grounds - Sprinkler Repair 
Wiki on sprinkler repair

Health & Wellness 
General Health Topics

This website will take you to practice questions.

Interview Questions 
Questions and tips on answering situational questions.

Interview Questions 
This site has 109 sample interview questions to use as practice.

Examples of questions and how to answer them.

Interviews - YouTube Video 
YouTube offers many training videos on interviewing

Interviews Competency based

Maintenance Conversions - Mechanical Concepts

Maintenance Trades Contractor License Practice Exams

California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) sample Math questions.

Math Concepts 
This site contains math concepts with sample problems and the steps required to work the problems.

Math CSET Test Guide 
Math subject test for California teachers

Math GED 
Practice math questions for GED test

Math PreAlgebra Video 
Video on how to solve prealgebra questions

Math Worksheets 
Worksheets for various levels of math.

Mechanic Auto 
Automotive Electrical ASE Style Practice Questions 800 X 600 screen resolution or higher recommended

This is True-Values site about Paint and Painting.

This website gives tips on painting and has a short quiz.

This site contains basic questions on Plumbing.

This site takes you to practice questions on plumbing.

Video with 40 questions. Key can be found by clicking on the i in the upper right. CODESP does not verify the keys or support these sites.!

Plumbing Guide 
Plumbing Repair Guide from Acme.

Tool safety from OSHA

Safety - Grounds 
OSHA safety for Landscaping

Software - Microsoft Office Software Tutorials 
Outlook, Excel, Word

Software Java 
This site contains practice test for Java.

Spanish Health 
Flash cards, oral comprehension, quizzes, etc. to test Spanish skills related to health.

Spanish Kitchen 
Vocabulary words used in the kitchen

This site contains questions and explanations on how to answer statistics questions.

Statistics Glossary 
This site contains a glossary of statistical terms.

Statistics Glossary 
Advanced statistics glossary terms.

Teaching - CSET Exam Study Guide

Teaching - CSET Multiple Subject Practice Exam

Ten Key 
Free Ten Key practice.

Trades California State Contractors License 
This site contains study guides and quizzes on a variety of trades.

Transportation-Traffic Signs 
For any positions that require driving or crossing guard.

Transportation-Traffic Signs Part 2 
For any position that require driving or crossing guard.

Practice and test your speed at typing at this free site.

11 Rules of Writing

Multiple choice sample questions on writing for GED test