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Tap n' Go!

May 17, 2022

By Kelli Gile, WVUSD Office of Community Resources

DIAMOND BAR, CA--Diamond Bar High AP Environmental Science (APES) students are hoping to create a ripple of change across campus during May’s Water Awareness Month.

Due to the increase in climate change and ongoing drought, water conservation efforts are more important than ever.

With that in mind, Tap n’Go, a collaborative class effort, has successfully replaced four inefficient faucets on campus with water-wise, touchless faucets.

Each new faucet comes with a 32% water savings.

“APES does a second semester Your World Project where each class tackles an environmental challenge,” explained senior Arashdeep Ghotra, the Tap n’ Go president.

“I was thinking of ideas for our project and installing these faucets seemed to be the best and most sustainable option,” shared senior Joyce Chung, the team’s advertising, art, and technology manager.

“They will last a long time on campus by just replacing the AA batteries when needed.”

The students in Kylance Malveaux’s first-period class pitched the plan to the Walnut Valley Water District (WVWD) who agreed to fund the $1,700 project.

“We’re so proud of and inspired by the Tap n’ Go students,” said Lily Lopez, WVWD Director of External Affairs. “This is one example of what creative thinking and leadership looks like when it comes to saving water.”

Last week, the Walnut Valley USD maintenance staff installed the Hydrotek fixtures in two staff restrooms located in the math building.

Tap n’ Go and WVWD are now working together on Phase Two of a nearly $25,000 plan to retrofit an additional 71 motion-detected faucets on campus.

Chung toured every restroom on campus last week with Operations Manager Mike Bromberg to create a map with the details.

“Some are single faucet and 4-inch, while others need mixed valve and a cover plate,” she readily shared.

Even though Chung is graduating this month, she will continue to oversee the project this summer.

“We hope to leave a lasting impact on campus and spread our message about the importance of conserving water,” she said.

“For me, it was this class that brought water conservation awareness in my vision with everything that is happening in our world,” Ghotra said.

“And I think this is the first step in the right general direction,” he said, looking forward to the change coming to the entire school.

“I’m proud of us!”

“As we head into the summer months, please keep in mind the importance of conserving water as every drop counts!” Chung urged.

Follow the Tap n’ Go team on Instagram @tap.n.go.db.


Tap n’ Go! Diamond Bar High School seniors Arashdeep Ghotra, Joyce Chung, and junior Jonathon Dang with new water-wise faucets installed on campus last week.