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Our motto is KIDS FIRST... Every Student, Every Day!   Walnut Valley USD is proud to be a National Schools to Watch District with numerous National Blue Ribbon, California Gold Ribbon, and California Distinguished School awards. 

Updated Indoor Mask Guidance

March 9, 2022

RE: Updated Indoor Mask Guidance


Dear WVUSD Parents and Guardians,


In acknowledgment of the improving public health condition related to COVID-19, effective March 12, 2022, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) will no longer require the use of masks indoors at schools, child care sites, and other school district facilities. Throughout the pandemic, WVUSD has worked collaboratively with LACDPH to follow and execute all public health orders without adding additional restrictions.  On February 28, 2022, Governor Newsom stated, “After March 11, 2022, in schools and child care facilities, masks will not be required but will be strongly recommended.” The optional use of masks indoors at all WVUSD schools and facilities is consistent with the District’s approach to COVID-19 restrictions and requirements during the pandemic.


Mask Updates:

  •      Regardless of vaccination status, masking indoors and outdoors is not required (LACDPH). Mask use is an individual and/or family decision.
  •      No student or staff member should be pressured based on their decision to wear or not wear a mask.  
  •       While masking will still be required while on public transit, school buses are not open to the public and are therefore not public transit.  Masking on a school bus is optional. 
  •      Events and training outside of WVUSD may require students and staff to wear masks.  Please become familiar with the requirements prior to attending an off-site training, field trip, or sporting event.
  •      All COVID-19 protocols related to testing positive will remain in place. Protocols can be found on our COVID-19 link on the District’s front webpage.

Helpful Information on Discussing the Mask Update With Your Child(ren)

Health experts such as Dr. Linda Nicolotti, Head of Pediatric Psychology and Behavioral Health at Brenner Children’s Hospital, acknowledge that while some students may feel relieved about the lifting of the mask mandates in school, others may not.


Here are some ways Dr. Nicolotti suggest parents talk to their children about mask changes in school:

  •      Inform your child about the change
  •      Ask your child how they feel about the changes
  •      Discuss why your child may want to continue masking
  •      Discuss why your child may not want to continue masking
  •      Emphasize the importance of respecting the opinion of others

As always, COVID-19 restrictions and mandates are subject to change. LACDPH can require masks to be worn on district property should there be a change in COVID-19 transmission levels. We anticipate additional State guidance on COVID-19 requirements in the next few weeks. 


If you have any questions, please utilize the Let’s Talk! feature on our District’s website.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.


Walnut Valley Unified School District

KIDS FIRST...Every Student, Every Day!

2022 3 9


敬爱的 WVUSD 家长和监护人,

由于与 COVID-19 相关的公共卫生状况正在改善,自 2022 3 12 日起,洛杉矶县公共卫生局 (LACDPH) 将不再要求在学校、托儿所和其他学校设施室内使用口罩。 在整个大流行期间, WVUSD 一直 LACDPH 合作,在没有额外增加限制的情况下,一直遵循和执行所有公共卫生指令。Newsom州长在2022 2 28 日声明,2022 3 11 日之后,在学校和托儿所设施,虽然还是强烈建议,但将不再要求戴口罩。在所有 WVUSD 学校和设施室内选择使用口罩符合与学区在大流行期间应对 COVID-19 限制和要求的一致性。


  •       无论疫苗接种状态如何,都不需要在室内和室外戴口罩(LACDPH)。 使用口罩是个人和/或家庭的决定
  •       学生或教职员工不会因是否戴口罩的决定而感受压力
  •       虽然在大众交通工具上仍需戴口罩,但因为校车不对大众开放,所以不属大众交通工具。 在校车上戴口罩是可有选择性
  •       WVUSD 以外的活动和培训可能要求学生和教职员工佩戴口罩。 在参加场外培训、实地考察或体育赛事之前,请熟悉这些要求
  •       所有与检测呈阳性相关的 COVID-19 协定将保持不变。 协定可在学区首页的 COVID-19 link链接上找到


Brenner 儿童医院的儿科心理学和行为健康负责人  Dr. Linda Nicolotti, 博士等健康专家确认,虽然有些学生可能会对学校取消戴口罩令感到安心,但其他学生可能不会

Nicolotti 博士建议父母以以下方式与孩子讨论有关学校口罩更新之事:

  •       告知您孩子有关的改变
  •       询问您孩子对这些改变的感受
  •       讨论您可能想要孩子继续戴口罩的原因
  •       讨论您可能不想要孩子继续戴口罩的原因
  •       强调尊重他人选择的重要性

我们都知道,COVID-19 的限制和授权可能随时都会有变化。 如果 COVID-19 传播水平发生变化,LACDPH 可以要求在所有校区内佩戴口罩。 预计在接下来的几周内会有更多关于 COVID-19 要求的州指南, 我们将继续为您提供最新信息。

如果您有任何问题,请使用学区网站特设的  Let’s Talk! 专栏。



KIDS FIRST...Every Student, Every Day!