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ALLmeansALL! Walnut Valley USD is proud to be a National Schools to Watch District with numerous National Blue Ribbon, California Gold Ribbon, and California Distinguished School awards. Our motto is KIDS FIRST... Every Student, Every Day!  

Parent Letter: January 12, 2022

January 12, 2022,

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On January 12, 2022, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) notified school districts of temporary measures to address the COVID-19 surge that will be implemented immediately across Walnut Valley Unified School District.

Starting immediately, per Public Health, anyone in a classroom or group (sport’s group, activity group, etc.) with a confirmed COVID-19 positive case will be notified of possible exposure. Additionally, contract tracing is no longer required. 

If your student(s) has been in a classroom or group setting where there is a confirmed COVID-19 positive case, you will receive a Possible Exposure notification. Your student may continue to attend school unless they are sick or experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms (100.4° or higher, new cough, diarrhea, vomiting). Due to the rise in positive cases caused by the Omicron variant, you may receive Possible Exposure notifications on multiple days on any given week.

We want to ensure our parent community that students being on campus have more protection than when they are in the community at large because of the layered levels of COVID-19 safety measures at schools as directed by Public Health.

Continuing measures include:

  •      Mandatory masks for all students and staff while indoors.
  •      Students are strongly recommended to wear single-use medical masks instead of cloth masks.
  •      Masks are strongly recommended to be worn outdoors when social distancing is not possible (except when actively drinking or eating).


Please do not send your child(ren) to school if:

  •      Your child has tested positive for COVID-19. Please isolate your child at home and contact your child’s school. You may also call Public Health COVID-19 Information Hotline at 1-833-540-0473. The Hotline is available in multiple languages and operates seven days a week, 8:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.


  •      Your child is sick. Please do not send your child(ren) to school when sick unless your child has a note from a medical professional stating the illness is not COVID-19 related.


  •      Your child is exhibiting COVID-19 related symptoms fever (100.4° or higher, new cough, diarrhea, vomiting)

If you have any questions, please utilize the Let’s Talk! feature on our District’s website.

Thank you,

WVUSD Educational Services

2022 1 12


2022 1 12 日,洛杉矶县公共卫生局(公共卫生)通知学区,应立即实施应对 COVID-19 激增的临时措施。

根据公共卫生部门的规定,立即开始实施,当有COVID-19 阳性确诊病例出现在一个教室或团体(运动团体、活动团体等)时, 每一个人都将会收到可能暴露的通知。此外,不需要再作可能接触者的追踪。

如果您的学生曾在有确诊 COVID-19 阳性病例的教室或团体的环境中,您将收到有可能暴露的通知。 您的学生还是可以继续上学,除非他们生病或出现类似 COVID-19 的症状(100.4° 或更高、新的咳嗽、腹泻、呕吐)。 由于 Omicron变种导致阳性病例的增加,在任何一周内您可能会收到多天次有可能暴露的通知。

因为公共卫生部门的指示,学校必须采取针对 COVID-19的分层安全措施,所以我们希望向社区家长保证,学生在校园里比在一般的社区里能得到更多的保护。


  •      所有学生和教职员工在室内都必须戴口罩。
  •      强烈建议学生戴一次性医用口罩,而不是布口罩。
  •      强烈建议在户外无法保持社交距离时,也戴口罩(除了喝水或进食时)。



  •      您孩子的 COVID-19 检测呈阳性。请在家隔离您的孩子,并联系您孩子的学校。您也可以拨打公共卫生COVID-19 信息热线 1-833-540-0473。该热线提供多种语言,每周 7 天,上午 8:00 至晚上 8:30
  •      孩子生病了。请不要让生病不舒服的孩子到学校,除非有医疗专业人员出具说明信,告知学校孩子的疾病与 COVID-19 无关。
  •      您的孩子有与COVID-19 相关的症状出现(发烧或更高,新咳嗽、腹泻、呕吐)

如果您有任何问题,请使用我们学区网站上 Let’s Talk!  专栏。