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Good Vibes!

September 9, 2021

By Kelli Gile, Office of Community Resources

DIAMOND BAR, CA— When Diamond Bar High School (DBHS) leadership students threw a party on National Beach Day, it was truly a celebration of being back together.

At noon, United Student Body (USB) officers quickly set up the shore-themed spirit event with free s’mores, popsicles, and DIY craft.

“We just want this beach day to have good vibes!” offered USB President senior Justin Tsai.

“Our goal with USB activities this year is to raise school spirit like never before and make students feel welcome on campus.”

Within minutes, the lunch bell rang and a sea of students flocked to the outdoor festivities.

Wearing tropical shirts and colorful Hawaiian leis, the USB team began serving up hundreds of frozen desserts with their friendly (masked) smiles.

“These activities, now more than ever, are important to the culture here at DBHS because distance learning has taken a toll on many students, and we want all of them to be as excited as possible to be back to school,” he added.

Tsai, 17, pointed out that underclassman have never been on the high school campus before and that their last full year of in-person learning was in middle school.

“We want to make them feel as comfortable as possible coming into a new environment through the activities we plan for them.”

During their fourth period class that morning, the leadership crew assembled over 350 individual servings of the chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker treats.

“Free s’mores!” called out USB senior Ryan Wong to attract attention to his table of snacks.

Across the corridor, teens gathered with friends to take photos at a tropical-themed backdrop flanked with surfboards.

“It’s great to see everyone back on campus having so much fun!” shared USB senior Haley Fetchik.

Other students strung shell bracelets while taking a few precious moments to reconnect with friends.

Throughout the pandemic, USB has worked diligently behind the scenes to positively impact students and lift morale.

“They collaborate to come up with engaging activities that are easy for all students to participate in,” commented Advisor Janna Van Horn.

I always like to tell my leadership team that they are the heart of the campus,” she said.

USB events include the annual Rodeo Round-Up, Purple Friday spirit days, Renaissance give-a-ways to recognize students working toward academic goals, and more.

“This year, we understand that it is even more important to provide fun and meaningful opportunities for our student body to reconnect,” said Van Horn.

“We want to remind our students that they are a part of a Brahma Family and create shared memories for all.”

“I’m so happy to be back in school for my senior year!” Tsai shared.

“Aside from the mask on every student’s face, this year feels like life is finally back to normal after the horrors of distance learning.”

His message to fellow classmates is to push through and persevere.

“I know times are tough right now especially due to the unpredictability of COVID-19, but let’s make the most out of what we are able to have and cherish these unforgettable memories.”

“Have fun, but make sure to stay safe!”


Good Vibes! Diamond Bar High USB hosts beach party with free s’mores, popsicles, and crafts on Aug. 30.