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ALLmeansALL! Walnut Valley USD is proud to be a National Schools to Watch District with numerous National Blue Ribbon, California Gold Ribbon, and California Distinguished School awards. Our motto is KIDS FIRST... Every Student, Every Day!  

Parent Update from Superintendent Dr. Taylor - March 8, 2021

Good evening,

First and foremost, I hope you are healthy and safe.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your students and your unwavering support of our schools throughout this most unprecedented school year. 

Beginning March 13, 2020, when I first announced that we would be closing down our schools for “in-person” instruction for 5 weeks (which at the time drew concerns about the length of the closure versus other school districts in LA County who closed for the minimum of 2 weeks at the time), we have stressed several key, foundational, guiding principles (including, but not limited to, the following):

  • Our top priority is the health and well-being of our students and staff
  • Maintaining academic rigor and a well-rounded student experience, to the highest degree possible, is of utmost importance
  • We will follow the guidance and direction of the “experts,” including entities such as the State of California, the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE), Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (PH), etc.

Considering “our top priority [to be] the health and well-being of our students and staff,” more recently, we have also committed to providing an opportunity for all employees in our organization to have access to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine if they choose to do so.  I am pleased with our progress in this particular area because it appears that we will provide access to an appointment for all of our employees who expressed an interest no later than this week.

We have also discussed the fluidity of legislation and guidance, which seems to change on a weekly (if not daily) basis.  We have tried to not “over react” to various claims or speculations, but rather practice patience and wait for further clarification and unfiltered direction.  As a parent myself, I empathize with all of our parents and I want to thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

I am sure, by now, you have heard about the incentivized Assembly Bill 86, which was just introduced last week, was approved by the legislature Thursday, and then signed into law by the Governor last Friday (this all moved rather quickly through legislation).  I consider the key elements of the Bill to include:

  • School districts may offer “in-person” instruction at the defined grade-levels (and “specialized cohorts”) as described below
  • If Los Angeles (LA) County is in the “Purple Tier” (and below 25 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents):
    • Schools may provide “in-person” instruction for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through grade 2
    • Schools may provide an opportunity for “in-person” instruction for “specialized cohorts” (a variety of student subgroups such as self-contained SAI Special Education students) in grades TK through grade 12
    • Schools must follow a defined cadence to conduct asymptomatic COVID-19 testing (unless a plan for a return to “in-person” instruction and a COVID-19 Safety Plan is approved by the Board of Trustees prior to April 1, 2021)
  • If LA County is in the less-restrictive “Red Tier”:
    • Schools provide “in-person” instruction for TK through grade 5
    • Schools districts must also open at least one grade-level at the secondary level (grades 6 -12) to provide an opportunity for “in-person” instruction
    • Schools provide an opportunity for “in-person” instruction for “specialized cohorts” (a variety of student subgroups such as self-contained SAI Special Education students) in grades TK through grade 12
    • Schools DO NOT need to conduct asymptomatic COVID-19 testing if the County is in the “Red Tier”

With all of the above information being considered, here is somewhat of an “outline” of our tentative plan (working in conjunction with various stakeholders, our Board of Trustees, labor associations, parents, students, etc.).  As you’ll see, because this information is so new, there are still a number of decisions to be made, logistics to work out, etc., but I wanted to at least get you the information that we have at this time (and, of course, the following is subject to change).  More information to follow (hopefully soon):

  • On April 19, 2021, assuming we are in the “Red Tier,” we are developing a plan to return to “in-person” instruction for a minimum of the following groups of students:
    • All students in grades TK-5
    • Targeted students in “specialized cohorts” (such as self-contained SAI Special Education students) in grades TK-12
    • All students in at least one secondary grade-level [as required, we will need to open one grade at the secondary level (grades 6 -12) to provide an opportunity for “in-person” instruction (we are exploring and working on determining a variety of options, including which one grade to open OR possibly choosing all or some combination of secondary grade-levels)].  We will let you know as soon as the grade-level and/or levels is/are determined
  • In our tentative planning, at the TK-5 grade levels, if we can accommodate all students requesting “in-person” instruction in his/her teacher’s classroom at the same time (following all Public Health protocols and procedures such as adequate spacing, etc.), then we will allow all interested students to return 5 days per week.  If, however, we cannot accommodate all students requesting “in-person”  instruction in a particular classroom due to adequate spacing of students, then we will most likely offer a “split-schedule” (“A/B”) with students returning for “in-person” instruction 2-3 days per week (similar to many other school districts’ tentative plans).  We will decide after compiling the soon-to-be requested data over the next week or so.
  • Required COVID-19 safety protocols will be implemented and administered
  • We are planning on providing our traditional fee-based “Child Care” Program before and after school on a limited basis
  • Representative teachers, classified employees, administrators, etc., are all working on various logistics of the instructional program … refining our past planning to align with the new requirements.  This past week, representative TK- 5th grade teachers and Principals met with our Educational Services Division to discuss the instructional model
  • Parents will be required to commit to either “in-person” instruction OR continue with “remote” learning probably in the next week (this data will assist us in finalizing the instructional model)
  • The intent is to have students remain with their current teacher(s)
  • Distance Learning (from the classroom) will continue to serve as the baseline for instruction for both the students “in-person” and the “remote” students
  • Additional technology upgrades are being implemented such as (but not limited to) expanded bandwidth across the school district, wireless access points increased from every other classroom to every classroom, and a variety of hardware products intended for teaching and learning
  • The school hours will remain the same with “in-person” students attending between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (TK/K 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)
  • Students at the TK-5 grade levels will return home for the “student support/tutorial” period (1:10 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.) (unless teacher/administrator approves other arrangements for the “student support/tutorial” period).
  • We are exploring the possibility of offering various “in-person” academic and/or extra-curricular programs (during the “tutorial” period and/or after-school) for secondary students
  • The tentative plan is to allow for asynchronous learning for those “remote” learning students during the start of each class/period (perhaps 30 minutes at the elementary-level as an example) to provide time for the teacher and support staff to work exclusively with the “in-person” students
  • A “Grab n’ Go” lunch (to take home) will be available for interested students at 12:30 p.m.
  • Our Educational Services Division will provide more in-depth details in the near future

I think it is also important to expand our explanation of the “WHY” behind some of our decisions:

  • The purpose of returning to “in-person” instruction is to provide kids an opportunity to be together “in-person” (even if it is only for 29 days or so)
  • As I shared last spring, there is NO substitute for all of our kids being in school, “in-person” with their teachers, support personnel, and their friends … the model proposed above is intended only for the last several weeks of the 2020/2021 school year (this Spring) and in no way is expected to match a regular teaching and learning environment
  • Yes, we are deciding to start later than most surrounding school districts in order to allow additional time for vaccines and to help our educators (and parents) further prepare for a significant shift in what has been our instructional model for more than a year
  • I do NOT believe the above-referenced instructional model and logistics for returning to “in-person” instruction for this Spring will be the same model as our more traditional model that we are optimistic to get back to for ALL KIDS at the start of the 2021/2022 school year (August 9)

We will provide additional details in the near future as they get finalized (again, I at least wanted to let you know what we were considering at this point).

A required “registration form” will be shared with parents in the next several days.  Additional information will follow via written and/or webinar-style correspondence.

I know these types of announcements are always received with mixed emotions … please feel free to contact us via the Let’s Talk app on our School District’s website.

Take care,


Robert Taylor, Ed.D.





2020313日开始,当我第一次宣布我们将关闭学校 面对面教学5周时,(当时与洛杉矶县的其他学区关闭2周相比,我们停课的天数引发大家的担忧) ,我们强调的一些关键性的基本指导原则是(包括但不限于以下内容):

  • 我们的首要任务是维持学生和教职工的健康和福祉
  • 重要的是尽可能保持学术上的严谨和学生体验的全面性
  • 我们将遵循专家的指导和方向,包括加州,洛杉矶县教育局(LACOE),洛杉矶县公共卫生局PH等政府机构

顾虑到 我们最优先考虑[的是]确保学生和教职工的健康和福祉最近我们还承诺为全学区中的所有教职员工提供接种COVID-19疫苗的机会,如果他们愿意。在这方面的进展让我感到满意,因为我们将能为所有不迟于本周表示有兴趣的员工提供预约。


我肯定您对上星期刚被提出,星期四获得立法机关批准,然后在上星期五由总督签署成为法律的激励性议会第86项法案已经有听闻了(经由立法这一切都迅速地通过了) 。我认为该法案的主要内容包括:

  • 学区可以对特定的年级群(和“特别小组”)提供如下所述的“面对面”教学:
  • 如果洛杉机县进入紫色层级(每十万人低于25人感染 COVID-19):
    • 学校可以对TK到2年级提供“面对面”教学。
    • 学校可以对TK到12年级“特别小组” (各种不同的学生小组, 例如在同一间教室的SAI特殊教育学生)
    • 学校必须遵循明确的步奏进行无症状的COVID-19测试(除非理事会在2021年4月1日之前核准“面对面”教学和CO​​VID-19安全计划)
  • 如果洛杉矶县进入限制较少的“红色层级”:
    • 学校提供TK到5年级 “面对面”教学
    • 学区必须至少提供一个中高年级(6 -12年级)“面对面”教学。
    • 学校提供TK到12年级“特别小组” (各种不同的学生小组, 例如在同一间教室的SAI特殊教育学生)
    • 如果洛杉矶县在限制较少的“红色层级”,学校无需进行无症状的COVID-19测试





  • 2021419,假设我们处于红色层级,至少针对以下类别的学生,我们就会开始计划返校面对面教学:
    • 所有TK-5年级的学生
    • TK-12年级的 特别小组中的目标学生(例如独立班的SAI特殊教育学生)
    • 至少一个中学年级的所有学生[根据要求,我们将需要在中高年级(6 -12年级), 开设一个年级以提供面对面教学的机会(我们正在探索和研究 确定各种选择,包括开设哪个年级,或者可能选择所有或某些中等年级水平的组合)] 确定级和/或年级群后,我们会立即通知您
  • 在我们初步计划TK-5年级中,如果我们能够同时容纳所有要求面对面教学的学生在其老师的教室中(遵循所有公共卫生规程和程序,例如足够的间距等),那么我们将允许所有有兴趣的学生每周返校5天。 但是,如果由于学生适当间距不足,而不能容纳所有要求在特定教室中进行面对面教学的学生,那么我们很可能会提供拆分时间表“ A / B”),让学生每周2-3天返回教学面对面”学习(类似许多其他学区的临时计划)。 我们将在整理下一周左右即将收到的请求数据后做出决定
  • 将实施和执行所需的COVID-19安全协议
  • 我们计划在有限的名儿下,在放学前和放学后提供传统的收费托儿计划
  • 教师代表,各类别职员工,管理人员等都在为教学计划的各种后勤工作准备完善我们过去的计划以适应新的要求。 上周,代表TK-5年级的老师和校长与我们的教育服务部举行了会议,讨论了教学模式
  • 下周家长可能需要在 面对面教学或继续进行远程学习做出选择(此数据将帮助我们最终确定教学模式)
  • 目的是让学生留在当前的老师班
  • 远程学习(从教室)将继续作为向面对面学生和远程学生授课的基准
  • 其他技术也正在实施升级,例如(但不限于)扩大整个学区的宽带,无线接入点从由每两间教室增加到每间教室,以及用于教学的各种硬件产品
  • “面对面”学生的上课时间还是上午8:00至下午12:30之间保持不变TK / K上午8:00 –上午11:30)
  • TK-5年级的学生将在学生协助/辅导期间1:10 pm – 2:30 pm 返家(除非老师/行政人员有批准学生支持/辅导期间的其他安排)
  • 我们正在探索为中学生提供各种“面对面”的学术和/或课外计划(在“辅导”时段和/或放学后)的可能性
  • 暂定的计划是允许在每个班级/课堂开始时为那些“远程”学习学生提供非同步学习(例如,在小学阶段大约30分钟),让老师和辅助人员有时间专门与“面对面”的学生一起工作
  • 下午12:30 ,有兴趣的学生可以享用“ Grab n'Go”午餐(拿了就走)
  • 我们的教育服务部将在不久的将来提供更深入的细节 

我认为对我们决策背后的为什么” 作延伸性的解释也很重要:

  • 返回面对面教学的目的是为孩子们提供一个面对面聚会的机会(即使只是29天左右)
  • 我去年春天曾与您分享的,没有什么可以替代让孩子能在学校里,与他们的老师,辅助人员和他们的朋友  ……上面提出的模式仅适用于2020/2021学年的最后几个星期(今年春季),并且绝对不可能与常规的教学环境模式相比
  • 是的,我们决定开始的时间是比大多数周边学区稍晚些,是因为要有更多接种疫苗的时间,并且也要帮助我们的老师(和家长)为我们即将到来的转变做准备,毕竟远距教学模式也延续一年多了。
  • 以上提到将在今年春季恢复为面对面教学的教学模型和運籌,我不认为会与我们希望为所有孩童2021/2022学年(89日)重新开始使用的传统的模型相同

不久后,我们会提供更详细信息(至少您能了解, 我想让您知道此时我们正在考虑的内容)。在过几天,我们会与您分享 注册单 其他信息将通过书面和/或网络研讨会的形式进行。

我知道这类通知总是会让人看后充满着复杂的情绪……请通过我们学区网站上的“ Let’s Talk” 随时与我们联系。



Robert Taylor, Ed.D.