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ALLmeansALL! Walnut Valley USD is proud to be a National Schools to Watch District with numerous National Blue Ribbon, California Gold Ribbon, and California Distinguished School awards. Our motto is KIDS FIRST... Every Student, Every Day!  

Parent Update: Reopening of Schools

July 17, 2020
Good afternoon,

As mentioned many times over the past few months, and as recently as in my announcement earlier this week, the information on the COVID-19 pandemic is ever-changing and, as we have said since the start of this unprecedented situation, we will monitor and follow the guidelines and advisement of local and state entities including the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) and the Governor’s office…and we will adjust our plans accordingly.

Based on the Governor’s announcement today, we will continue to move forward with opening our schools entirely in a Distance Learning format with no students attending in-person on any school site.  Also based on the Governor’s orders today, our schools will now remain in a Distance Learning format, at a minimum, until the state deems it safe to return to an in-person model.  The specific mandates are thorough (additional details will be shared in the near future), but basically states that schools will not be considered for re-opening with students in person until a minimum of 2 weeks after a “monitored” county (including Los Angeles County) has been removed from the monitoring list (based on a variety of factors such as a continual decrease in confirmed COVID-19 caseloads).  Specifically, the Governor’s document states, “Using health data, schools can physically open when its county has been off the Monitoring List for 14 consecutive days.”

There have been various regulations outlined in legislation and from the Governor’s Office regarding expectations and requirements for Distance Learning.  We are working collaboratively with our employee associations to outline specific expectations and requirements for our Distance Learning program.  We will share the expectations in the near future as they become finalized.

I also understand that the information and ever-changing guidelines can be confusing, and somewhat frustrating for all of us.  In response to some questions we have received following recent communications from our Educational Services Division, let me try to offer additional clarity ( I hope it helps J):

  • All WVUSD students will begin school from home on August 10 in what we are labeling our Distance Learning Program (no students will be permitted to participate “in-person” based on the Governor’s orders and our district’s plan)
  • All students will be enrolled in a class (elementary) or classes (secondary) taught by WVUSD teachers in the Distance Learning format
  • At some point during the 2020-2021 school year, we might be allowed to safely return to an in-person, traditional model (based on clearance from our state, county, etc. and with the assurance that we will implement and follow safety protocols and guidelines).  If and when we are able to return to an in-person model of schooling, as a parent, you will basically have 2 options:
            #1 – send your child to school where they will participate in their classes in a traditional, in-person format
            #2 – choose to NOT send your child to school for the traditional, in-person format (at this point, your child will  continue to take his/her classes remotely, from home for example)
  • The intent of the “surveys” or “registration forms” sent out recently from our Educational Services Division was to simply gather some data from our parents for planning purposes only [basically, if and when we are able to return to traditional, in-person schooling at some point later in the 2020-2021 school year, do you think you will send your child back in-person OR will you opt for a remote (not “in-person”) model?].  The information, again, is simply for future planning purposes and certainly not binding  (we know many things can and will change with this situation)
  • There is an elementary-based webinar and a separate secondary-based webinar offered on Monday, July 20.  The intent of these webinars is to hopefully provide clarity and information for parents regarding our current and future educational opportunities
  • Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions and/or concerns

On behalf of our Board of Education, I would like to thank everyone during this often confusing and frustrating time. Belief in the best intentions of others is appreciated and reciprocated.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support. 



Robert Taylor, Ed.D.


Walnut Valley Unified School District


2020年7 月17 日


过去几个月中我曾多次,也在本周早些發布的消息中提及,有关COVID-19大流行的信息正在不断变化,而且,在这前所未有的情况開始以來, 我们一直在密切注意并遵循從县和州政府機關包括洛杉矶公共卫生局(Public Health)和州长办公室在内的指南和建议我们将會相应地调整计划。

根据州长今天发布的公告,我们继续以远程学习模式朝預定的開學計劃前进,没有学生會來學校面對面上課。也同样根据州長今天的命令,至少现在,我们学校會保持远程学习模式,直到州政府认为可以安全地恢复面对面学习的模式为止。 具体的行政命令要求很详尽(會在不久的将来分享细节),基本上規定指出,只有在“受监控”的县(包括洛杉矶县)从被监视列表中删除(基于各种因素,例如,已确认的COVID-19病例数持续减少)至少两周之后,才会考虑将学校開放讓学生面對面來上學。具體來說, 州长的文件指出:“使用健康数据,当该县连续14天不在监视列表之内时,学校就可以实际开放面對面上學的模式。”

立法機構和州长办公室已经概述了有关远程学习的期望和要求的各种法规。 我们正在与员工團體合作,概述对远程学习计划的特定期望和要求。我们會在不久的将来與您分享。


  • 所有WVUSD学生将在8月10日以我们學區的远程学习计划在家開始上学(根据州長的命令和我们学区的计划,不允许任何学生有面對面的上課)
  • 所有学生都将参加由WVUSD老师以远程学习模式开设的一班(小学)或多班(中学)課程。
  • 在2020-2021学年的某个时候,我们可能会被允许安全地返回到传统的面對面學習模式(在从州,县等获得许可,并确保我们将执行并遵守安全协议和准则的情况下)。 当我们能够返回面對面教育模式的那一刻时,作为家長的您基本上有两种选择:

o   #1 – 让您的孩子返校上課,他们将参加传统的面对面形式课程

o   #2 – 選擇不让您的孩子以面对面方式返校上課(此時,您的孩子將繼續遠程上課,例如在家中上課)

  • 最近我们教育服务部发出的 “调查” 或 “注册表格” 是希望能收集一些家长的数据,目的只是超前计划 {基本上是(如果在2020-2021学年某时候,当我们能够返回学校以传统的,面对面的模式上课時,您认为您会让孩子回来学校面对面上课您还是会选择远程(非 “面对面” )的教学模式?} 。 再次强调,该信息仅用于将来的计划目的,当然不会具有约束力(我们知道,很多事情在当今情况下,都可能会有改变的)
  • 我们会在7月20日星期一举行一次小学的网络研讨会和一次中学网络研讨会。这些网络研讨会的目的是有关我们当前和未来教育机会,希望能为家长提供更清晰的信息
  • 有问题和/或疑虑,请不要犹豫,尽快与我们联系。





Robert Taylor, 教育博士